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How to Research the Best Resveratrol Supplement?

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How to Research the Best Resveratrol Supplement?

by dave on March 10, 2010

Lately we have been receiving a slew of emails on how to find the best resveratrol supplement.  We obviously believe that a great resveratrol supplement needs to have Muscadine Grapes in the formula, but there is much more to it than just muscadines.  In this article we will provide some questions you can ask to help you find the best resveratrol supplements.

Want the Best Resveratrol Supplement – Ask the Right Questions

If you want a resveratrol supplement that is going to be effective and free of side effects, you need to ask the right questions.  Here is our quick list -

1. Is it Made with 99% Pure Trans-Resveratrol?

There is Trans-Resveratrol and Cis-Resveratrol.  Then there is 50%, 75%, 98% and 99% Resveratrol.  Yes, all these terms can be VERY confusing.  In the end, you simply want to find a formula that is made only with 99% Pure Trans-Resveratrol. Resveratrol supplements that are NOT made with 99% Pure Trans-Resveratrol can have Emodin – a nasty little substance that can cause side effects.

If you are interested in learning more about all the different forms of resveratrol – here is a great article.

2. Are Any fillers or Flowing Agents Used in the Formula?

You are looking to take resveratrol, not a bunch of inactive ingredients that are used as fillers or flowing agents.  Look at the “Other Ingredients” in the Supplement Facts panel.  You do NOT want to see things like: magnesium stearate, silica, rice or anything else.  You want to find a Resveratrol supplement that is really just Resveratrol.

3. Do they Clearly List the Amount of 99% Trans-Resveratrol on the Label?

By looking at the Supplement Facts panel you should be able to clearly see exactly how much 99% Trans-Resveratrol you are getting per serving.  You do NOT want to see “Proprietary Blends” – this just makes it impossible to know how much 99% Trans-Resveratrol you are getting.  In addition, you want to see at least 175mg of 99% Pure Trans-Resveratrol per serving.

4. Is it made with Whole Food Muscadine Grapes?

As you know from this website, we believe Muscadine Grapes are one of the healthiest foods in the world.  40x the antioxidants of red grapes, 6x the Resveratrol, more fiber than oat bran and the only grape with Ellagic Acid – clearly the best resveratrol supplements will be made with muscadine grapes.   Make sure the supplement is made with muscadine skin, muscadine pulp and muscadine seed – as all parts of the muscadine grape have valuable nutrients.

Taking what we have learned from Questions 1-4 here is an example of a high quality Resveratrol Supplements -

Example of High Quality Resveratrol Supplement Label

Example of High Quality Resveratrol Supplement Label

The above label clearly lists 99% Trans-Resveratrol and Muscadine Grapes.  No fillers or flowing agents are used.  The exact amount of 99% Trans-Resveratrol per serving is clearly stated.

On the other hand, here is an example of a LOW Quality Resveratrol Supplement….

Example of Low Quality Resveratrol Supplement

Example of Low Quality Resveratrol Supplement

The above Resveratol supplement has LOTS of problems!  The exact amount of Resveratrol is unknown – hidden in a proprietary formula.  We do not know if it is Trans-Resveratrol,  We do not know if it is 99% pure.  There is no muscadine grapes.  Finally, lots of “other ingredients” that we do NOT want in the best resveratrol supplements.

5. Do they have a Finished Product ORAC Test to Back up their Claims?

Many resveratrol supplements make claims about having very high antioxidant levels and ORAC scores.  The best resveratrol supplements will offer proof.  You want to see an ORAC test done on the finished supplement – not just the raw ingredients.

6. Is the Resveratrol Supplement Made from Pesticide Free Sources?

The best resveratrol supplements will be completely pesticide free and offer proof of this fact.  Pesticides are not only harmful, they also change the nutrient content of fruits.  Fruits that are sprayed with pesticides will have lower antioxidant levels and less positive nutrients.

7. Is It All Natural and Free of Animal Products?

Resveratrol can come from a number of different sources, the best sources of resveratrol are all natural.  Ideally, you want to find a resveratrol supplement that is made with all natural ingredients and free of animal products.  Beware of products that list gelatin as an ingredient – as gelatin is made from pigs.

8. Do they Offer a Money Back Guarantee and a Consumer Bill of Rights?

In the end, the best resveratrol supplements are made by companies that completely believe in their products and stand behind them with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  You should be able to return an empty bottle and still get a full refund.

You also need to be very careful about auto-shipment programs, membership programs and “free trials” – as these are all signs of a low quality resveratrol supplement.  To protect yourself, buy from a company that has a written Consumer Bill of Rights so you know exactly what will happen once you place your order.

9. Can You Talk to A Knowledgeable Customer Service Representative?

You are going to be putting this supplement in your body, you have the absolute right to call the company, ask questions and get intelligent answers.  The best resveratrol supplements will have toll free numbers where you can call with any questions.

Armed With These Questions – Find the Best Resveratrol Supplements

By asking the above questions, you should be able to find the best resveratrol supplements on the market.  We love the Perfect ResGrape Resveratrol, and we highly recommend it as the best resveratrol supplement – but by using the above questions you can do your own research and make your own informed decisions.

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